You might say that the travel bug bit me in my middle school years when my parents put on re-runs of Rick Steves' Travels In Europe during dinner. To an only child who hadn't wandered too far from home on my own, travel looked enticing, exciting, and entirely terrifying. But when my childhood best friend and I backpacked through Scotland the summer after our freshmen year of college (my parents nervously bit their fingernails at home, I imagine--and they didn't even know that we were hitchhiking...sorry, Mom and Dad!), I was smitten with Europe, anxious to return. Eight years, a college degree, over a year and a half abroad, sixteen countries visited, and one "I do!" later, I am moving to Spain to teach English with my husband. This is a blog dedicated to the stories of navigating the day-to-day in a foreign country, my linguistic blunders (and hopeful victories), and finding the beauty in the ordinary and extraordinary of the Spanish landscape. Let the adventure begin! ¡Viva España!