Home is where the boxes are.

T-15 days, and our home is starting to morph into a packing zone. All of our precious (though rarely touched lately, unfortunately) books are packed away in boxes and shelves are strikingly barren. This weekend, friends take our couch and bookshelves, and then our once cozy apartment will feel even less like home. But home is where we are together, and home is moving to Spain.

This morning I awoke at 4:12 AM with a start. Was it everything that's on my mind? Or was it the coffee frappuccino I had at 8 PM? Probably both. This time, I didn't fight it, but instead started my day extra early. After all, we're moving to the land of nearly mandatory nap time, so I might as well get a head start this afternoon. Besides, naps are my favorite.

I'm trying to remind myself that packing less and living minimally will feel freeing once we arrive overseas. I do not need every E.M. Forster book, acrylic paints (because I, of all people, know how rarely those get taken out these days!), or print-outs of every recipe I might (not) make. I don't need to drag Anna Karenina with me, because I still haven't read it even though it has been on my shelf for ten years (I know, I'm kind of a fraud of an English major--shhhh). I can live with less, and I'll probably be happier that way.

Here's to packing light, to early mornings, and to afternoon naps!