Hello, Spain!

Caffeine is a must after "sleeping" on the plane and before a full day ahead.

Caffeine is a must after "sleeping" on the plane and before a full day ahead.

Hemos llegado. We have arrived.

The past twenty-four hours have been a long, drawn out whirlwind. Nothing about our trip was bad per se--in fact, it went very smoothly!--but I just kept thinking of the steps we had to take to get on Spanish soil and start the tasks that we had already done some prep for stateside (getting Spanish cell phones, contacting apartment owners and scheduling appointments to see properties, etc.). But we made it, even though when I looked at the old-school American Airlines plane we were flying on that was pre-personal TV, I momentarily didn't know how we'd make it across the ocean without at least ten movies to choose from. How else was I supposed to distract myself from claustrophobic thoughts/panics for the upcoming nine hour flight?

But hey, I read and slept, and even made a friend from Mexico who was a high school chemistry teacher and had an extra neck pillow that she kindly let me borrow.

I awoke to the pre-dawn sky, dazed and a little bit confused, but in one piece. We made it off of the plane, into our town, and squeezed our luggage into a tiny but sweet little hotel room. Then we were off to look at apartments, working hard to remember the correct word for "clothesline," and suppressing every urge to step on an imaginary break when our realtor nearly hit a mother and child in his completely adorable Mini Cooper.

And now my brain feels groggier than ever, so tonight I will be in bed before 8:30PM.