Winter in Alcalá.

If you know me at all, you probably know that winter is my least favorite season. I don't mind it so much through Christmas and New Year's, but then January and February come along and winter is still hanging around. The skies are more grey, days are shorter, and piling on clothes and boots and a hat just to get to the grocery store for the milk I forgot when I went to the store two hours prior feels like a metaphor for the weight of my (winter-laden) soul. (Seasonal depression is real, my friends.)

And yet, there is a huge benefit to being in Spain during the winter: it is sunny. Not every day, but the majority of days I see the sun and bright, blue skies. The occasional rainy, cold days are much more manageable when I consider this fact. And even our icebox of an apartment (more about that later) doesn't seem as bad this winter when I realize that all it takes sometimes is getting out under the blue sky and getting some vitamin D to feel a little bit better about the season.

We passed by a park a few days ago that is close to our house, but which neither of us had been to. The park has beautiful, quiet trails leading away from the city, and we've already enjoyed a couple of long walks. While I can't wait to walk these trails when everything is in full bloom in the spring, having somewhere in nature to take walks during the warmest part of the afternoon is a blessing this winter.