Sí, Oui, and Ja. Or, Hello, Germany!

Hello there! It's been a while, but I finally am feeling settled enough to sit down and write a post.

It's been a very full month since leaving Spain. Here are the highlights:
-We flew into Philadelphia, saw our new niece and John's side of the family, and I was able to see one of my oldest friends for lunch. Joaquin was beginning to pound the Southeast, so we promptly left for South Carolina to make sure all was well on the homefront.
-A 13 hour car ride later, we made it to John's parents' house, amidst road closures (it's a big deal when I-95 closes for miles!) and pouring rain, but safe and sound.
-We were shocked by how friendly people were.
-We spent a six days in the Upstate with my family, getting hair cuts, going to the doctor, shopping, seeing friends, and doing important things like eating ribs, tacos, and Chick-fil-A. (Priorities, people.) 
-We were confused as to why people were apologizing for running into us in a store or restaurant. And why was the waitress asking us if we were OK twenty times? Did we look sick? (Ohhhh yes, that's how it's done in America.)
-After a drive to Charlotte to stop in and see some friends and pick up a suitcase, we drove back to Charleston where we flew out on October 14th for Munich. We were excited to go into this new adventure, and very thankful for a nearly empty flight over on Delta!

Sound busy? It was. But it was nice to see people we love and to envision the place we're moving back to in a matter of months.

But here we are, in a quiet neighborhood just outside of Munich, finishing up another day. I'm not quite sure how to sum up our time here so far (though I hope to do a much better job of documenting it here on the blog in the future), so I'll give you some bullet points.

  • We're experiencing a little bit of culture shock. No, not just America vs. Germany type culture shock (though there's that, too), but more of the Spain vs. Germany variety. The place we lived last year and the place we live now are very different. I've found myself really missing Alcalá de Henares...
  • ...until I go to the grocery store and see the variety of food and brands offered here. 
  • Not knowing a word of German stepping off the plane felt a little intimidating. After being asked a question by a waitress and answering "Sí!...Er, oui!..." and still not being able to think of Ja (Yes), I decided it was time to take a German class. (And by the way, I had no idea what the waitress was asking anyway.) I'm now in my first week of an intensive A1 (beginner) level German course, and I love it!
  • Germany is clean. No, it's really, really clean. (In other words, I haven't seen poop anywhere. This is a big deal, because I spent the better part of last year dodging it every time I walked out of the house.)
  • They're really big on recycling. As in, we barely throw anything in the trash because it seems like they find a way to re-use everything!
  • It's pretty evident that no matter how organized a country supposedly is, filling out paperwork is still a royal pain in the behind.
  •  We visited a church our first week here that I think we're going to stick with. Some very friendly Americans our age asked us out for dinner afterwards, and we've since started attending their small group. It feels good to be developing some community already.
  • John is enjoying biking to work in this beautiful fall weather. I'm not so sure biking will work when snow starts falling, but for now he loves his commute and is settling into work. I'm keeping myself occupied with classes for my certificate program, a drawing course, and German class.
The English Garden. Think Central Park, but structured around the Isar River and complete with a beer garden.

The English Garden. Think Central Park, but structured around the Isar River and complete with a beer garden.

All in all, we are well. We are thankful to be getting settled in, and to be enjoying the confetti of leaves all over the ground. This fall in Munich is beautiful!

Happy {almost} weekend!