Colorful Córdoba

This weekend we went to the southern city of Córdoba. I have to admit that it just wasn't my favorite city! I think there was a lot of hype in my mind around this southern gem, and it didn't quite meet my expectations. But that's OK. We did a lot of just hanging out at our hotel's pool, which was just fine with me. We toured the mezquita-turned-cathedral, and I bought black and white postcards of Spanish scenes to my heart's content, because they were everywhere! And of course, we tried rebujito and salmorejo, which Córdoba is well known for. Rebujito is tinto de verano's (summer wine's) southern cousin: dry white wine mixed with Sprite. YUM, especially on hot afternoons. Salmorejo is gazpacho's (tomato, pepper, cucumber, garlic soup--it's refreshing and delicious, if you're into that kind of thing) southern cousin, but a thicker version with hardboiled egg and bacon on top. (See photo below.) We ate it with a spoon, but I prefer it as more of a dip for bread. (Gazpacho is my favorite, though.) The heat was already turned on in Córdoba; I can't imagine what July or August feels like there! One thing I noticed about anyone we spoke to (waiters, cab drivers) was that man, they have a very different--and very hard to understand!--accent and manner of speaking in the South. It was noticeably different from what I'm used to on a daily basis here in the Madrid region, as people frequently cut off any 's' sounds and chopped off the ends of words. My favorite thing about the city was all of the gorgeous flowers in planters hung on walls, and walking by entrances to buildings and getting a peek into their indoor patios. I am glad that we went, and hope to see more of southern Spain in the future. 

PS: There was an Aldi by our hotel. Yup, Aldi--as in the discount supermarket that Americans either love or hate. I even saw some Trader Joe's products there. My heart skipped a beat.