Summer Reading List 2015

Just two more days to go until it's officially "summer" in my world! I'm getting a head start on my reading (beginning with What is the What), but here are the books on my list this year. (I think this is the first year I've planned out what I'm going to read, and I'm excited about it!) There's a lot of reading in my future, and thankfully I have a remarkable amount of time for it this year.

My list is a mix of recent compulsive purchases (I'm-in-a-country-with-an-English-bookstore-and-I-can't-control-myself buys, in other words), recommendations from Modern Mrs. Darcy, books passed along by friends to lighten a suitcase, ones that I picked up on used bookstores' shelves, loans from friends, and several purchases that have been on my iPad way too long without having been read. Oh, and some are for my "History of Children's Literature" class that I'm beginning in July--I can't wait! I'll have more books to add to that list once the official reading list is posted, but for now I know of two. A couple of my book choices are in Spanish because I need more practice, and even though the process might be difficult, I think the accomplishment factor will make it all worthwhile.