Summer in Valencia: The City of Arts and Sciences

Even though Valencia is so super hot and sticky in the summertime, we're enjoying our time here. It's hard to want to go out of doors for a large portion of the day because of the high temperatures and humidity, but when we do get out, we are trying to make the most of the beautiful city that we're living in. One thing I love in Valencia is the massive park that's about a ten minute walk from our apartment; it used to be a riverbed, and has been turned into a place to bike, run, walk your dog, and hang out. We go there most days, but typically wait until the temperature drops a little bit. (We went once in the middle of the day to work out and regretted it 2 minutes into our workouts!)

At one end of the park is The City of Arts and Sciences, always visible and always beautiful (even when under construction). I love the blue and white color scheme, and all of water that's incorporated into the design and layout around the museums. Three years ago, we went to Oceanographic, the aquarium that is a fixture in the City of Arts and Sciences. A couple of nights ago, we found a place to rent rowboats next to the science museum, as well as a cafe with good views. We're hoping to catch the Pixar exhibit that is currently on display at the science museum. I love making a detour on walks through the park to check out the sleek, modern, and kind of funky architecture that makes up La Ciudad de Artes y Ciencias. It's pretty and sort of majestic, don't you think?