The Start of Something New: The Whole 30

I struggle with change, but ironically enough, I love new things: new adventures, and the start of a new month or a new year, for example. Today marks the start of something that makes me feel excited, nervous, a little bit anxious, and definitely anticipatory. We are starting the Whole30.

What is the Whole30, you ask? It's taking 30 days to hit the "reset" button, so to speak, on your metabolism and immune system. It's stripping some of the inflammation-inducing food groups, including grains, dairy, legumes, and sugar, from your diet to give your body a break.

What I love about the Whole30: It's main focus is being healthy. It's not about weighing a certain amount, fitting into a certain size jeans, or losing 30 pounds in 30 days. It's not a gimmick. It's not magic fairy dust powder. Short of fairy dust powder, I've tried those things, and they disappoint. This program's goal is to force us to rethink the food we're putting in our bodies, to toss out the processed junk that has no nutritional value, and to invest in food that nourishes our bodies from the inside out. 

Why are we doing it? For a variety of reasons. We did a "test" for 14 days in the spring (which I'm sure Whole30 would totally frown upon, since you're supposed to do all 30 days, but really--life was crazy at the time!) and I can't tell you how much better I felt after those two weeks. But then "normal" life got in the way, and I was packing on the carbs, traveling every other weekend and stuffing my face with pierogi and gelato, and wishing I felt better. I've had a sneaking suspicion that I'm sensitive to gluten for a long time, but I've chosen to ignore that (and suffer the pain) because it's easier (though more painful!) to follow the typical American diet and move on with (a bloated, painful) life. Cutting it out entirely for a month will help me know more about how I feel without it. Also, one word: discipline. I lack it. I don't have a very healthy relationship with food, and though I don't suffer from an eating disorder per se, I need to reevaluate why--and what--I'm eating. God's given me one body to use in this one life on earth to serve Him, and I want to do a better job at it. Because at the moment, I feel too tired and too discontent with how I feel and look to keep doing the same old thing. (And if one. more. person. asks me if I'm pregnant...!!!) Having a super motivating, encouraging husband helps enormously, and though I pushed and pushed away from making this change in our diets and our lives this summer (with excuses along the lines of "We're in Spain!!!"), he pushed me to say "yes." Stay tuned, because I'll be posting some updates with delicious recipes and ideas in case you decide that the Whole30 is right for you.

It's not going to be easy, but good choices rarely are. Here we go! 

Planning is key, and grocery shopping is in order today!

Planning is key, and grocery shopping is in order today!