Tortosa, or staying in a castle, and other such things.

I love traveling and seeing new places, but I'll be honest: sometimes I just want to go somewhere and do absolutely nothing. I don't want to tour art museums, walk 17.5 miles, or check places off the mental "to see" list. I want to go and be.

Our time in Spain is quickly running out (which is a post for another time), but we wanted to go one more place in Spain before leaving. This is the second time we've had plans to go to Granada, already booked a place to stay, and then had to cancel. We didn't do all of the math with the Granada trip early on, and from Valencia we would have been spending most of our time on public transportation, and precious little time in the city. So we opted for an easier option: Tortosa. Never heard of it? Neither had we. It's a smaller town between here and Barcelona, on the banks of the Ebro River, and has the mountains in sight. 

So we booked two nights at the Parador--this particular one resides in an old castle. No big deal. It rained and got cold, but we still had a great time. We swam in the gorgeous hotel pool (to all the Spaniards' shock and horror--QUE FRIO!--and the German guests' liking--Da vatter feels great!), walked down to the town, and enjoyed reading on our porch accompanied by hot cups of coffee from the cafe. We also just sat and stared at the mountains from our window at breakfast. 

We left two days later to return to humid Valencia, refreshed and (more or less) ready for the remaining weeks ahead. We want to make the most of each of the moments we have before us in this place we've been calling home for the past year.