beach days.

I woke up at 5:30 AM this morning to the sound of wind gusting in the courtyard behind our apartment, and my first thought was No! Our beach day! I had visions of one of those days where the sand is blowing into your eyes and mouth as you are relaxing on the beach, and your towel won't stay put. And while you're trying to be happy because you're at the beach, you just generally feel miserable because you are both consuming and wearing sand...and it's not pretty.

Thankfully, the wind died down by the time we made it to the beach, and the breeze was a gentle, perfect relief from the still-hot sun. I napped (and snored, oops...) and finished a book, and we had a nice lunch together at a little cafe a short walk from our chairs. And take a look at that sky! I will miss these Spanish blue skies something fierce. Oh, and I'll miss being a bus ride away from the beach. I'm trying for one more beach day next week!