reading 2016: books 7-9

Here's a quick reading update for those of you looking for recommendations or who just love books. I wish I could say that I was further along in my 2016 book goal, but traveling (I know, tough life, right?!), classes, and general "life-in-Germany" things have been keeping me occupied at present. Our imminent move date and soon possession of library cards has me pretty excited, though! I'm looking forward to lounging by the pool and digging into some books this summer.

#7: My Best Everything by Sarah Tomp. I'm currently taking a class called Writing for Children I with Sarah Tomp at the University of California San Diego Extension, part of my Children's Book Writing Certificate. I'm loving my classes, and Professor Tomp is so kind, warm, and encouraging. It's so nice to take a class from a writer, someone who's been published and who has experience in that world. This book is a true Young Adult (YA) novel, full of first (true) loves, summer romance, and some risky behavior involving moonshine.

#8: Crooked Little Heart by Anne Lamott. I've read some essays on writing by Lamott before, but I'd never read any fiction by her. Her writing is lovely, poignant, and raw. She doesn't shy away from life, and there's something both shocking and refreshing about that. This novel is a coming of age book, about two friends (Rosie and Simone) who are developing at different rates and experiencing life very differently as they hit puberty, all while playing tennis as doubles partners. Side note: this book made me want to play tennis.

#9: A Whole Life by Robert Seethaler. I picked this one up at random in a Waterstone's bookstore in Edinburgh. And honestly, I picked it up only because the title and cover were both beautiful. This book is short but packs a punch; it tells of one man's life living in the mountains of Germany and the beauty, loss, tragedy, and joy he finds in his extremely simple but whole life. Memorable.

Currently reading: I've been logging some children's books for my class (mainly picture books, like I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen and Never Tickle a Tiger by Pamela Butchart and Marc Boutavant--both so good!), and am diving into Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier and Grace Upon Grace by John W. Kleinig.

Until next time, happy reading!