I say Nuremberg, you say Nürnberg.

I'm writing this as Christmas has already (already!) come and gone, and every one of the Christmas markets in Germany has been packed up and stowed away for another year. I'm glad we were able to experience so many markets within Munich and in cities close by, because I've never experienced anything quite like it in the U.S. I think I've had about all the Gluhwein I can drink, though, and I'm ready to say hello to 2016!

But the weekend before Christmas we spent a Saturday in nearby Nürnberg, which is easily accessible using the Bayern Pass (26 euros for the first person, and then 2 euros per person after that to add people to the ticket--you cannot beat round trip transportation for that price!). Our friends from church joined us for a quick but fun day trip to see the massive Christmas markets in the center of Nürnberg. A German coworker of John's told us not to bother, that the Christmas markets there weren't all that great, but I'd say these were hands down my favorite markets that we visited this whole season. (Maybe 25 years of visiting these markets every year does that to you!) If you're in southern Germany during the Christmas season, Nürnberg's markets are a great choice to visit because they're accessible and expansive, and I think the choice of products was less mass-produced and more extensive than other markets we've seen.